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Serving Lytham and its surrounding areas, Bond & Bloom is a contemporary florist with traditional skills and values. 

We were thrilled to open our shop in 2015 in exactly the location Suzanne's great granny and her mother traded from between 1880 and 1897. Their surname was Bond, hence the inclusion in the shop name.

It is an honour to pay homage to two strong women, Nancy Bond and daughter Jane, who made a living as Provisions Merchants and served the people of Lytham 125 years ago. They opened their shop after Nancy’s husband died at sea whilst captaining his ship. After Nancy passed away in 1893, Jane continued alone, aged 23,  bringing up her younger siblings until she married our great grandfather James Boardman of Boardman’s Farm.

We love to think that Nancy and Jane looked out on the same delightful cottages, and, like us, enjoyed the seasonal changes of the tree outside the shop.  That's why we call it "Granny’s Tree".

List of Householders & Businesses, Lytham, 1895


Ainscough John, 3 Clifton Street
Ashworth Richard, 14 Market Square
Bond Miss Jane, 23 Clifton Street
Booth E. H. & Co., 6 Park Street
Broster Miss Mary, 10 Henry Street
Cornall John, 29 Warton Street
Draper James, 4 and 6 Westby Street
Eaves Moore, 13 South Clifton Street
Embley Walter, 65 Warton Street
Etherington Septimus, 85 Clifton Street
Garner Mrs. Sarah, 12 Henry Street
Hibbert Ellis, 83 Warton Street
Hodskinson Joseph, 34 Clifton Street
Hosker William, 2 Station Road
Mogridge Henry, 69 Clifton Street
Preston N. & Son, 59 Church Road
Richardson Mrs. Mary, Common Side
Riley Christopher, 55 Warton Street
Sefton Jas., 4 Clifton Sq & 8 Market Sq
Singleton Mrs. Margaret, 45 Clifton Street
Swann John, 41 Clifton Street
Thresh William & Son, TS Clifton Street
Whiteside James, 1 St. John's Street
Whiteside Robert. Thos., 12 Freckleton St
Wilson Joseph, 37 Clifton Street

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